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Plot # 38: Notes on a Coffee Cup

Muse A frequents a coffee shop every day after school/work, Muse B works as a barista there. Muse A always sits at the same table by the window, in plain-sight of the counter, preoccupied with a book or their laptop. Muse B can’t help but notice Muse A and admire them from afar. Too shy to go up and talk to Muse A at their table, Muse B finds another way to make an impression. Muse B begins to write nice messages on Muse A’s coffee cups, gradually getting a little bolder each day. “Have a nice night.” “That must be a good book.” “You look nice today.” “You have a cute smile.” Usually, by the time Muse A notices these little notes, Muse B has switched shifts with someone else. One afternoon, Muse A comes in and orders their usual from Muse B. When the order is ready, Muse A makes sure to read the note right away. This time, the message reads: “Would you like to go out with me?” 

Past Lives || Closed W/ Kristaxlenz


It’s just a dream, it’s not real." he reassured her. Feeling disappointed in how she retold the same dream. Brushing his fingers lightly over her cheeks, he forced a smile on his face. 

No one is going to hurt you or your friends." his voice was gentle. 

"But it does feel real. I feel like I was there, that I lived it." She was grateful that he was trying to make her feel better, but she couldn’t shake it off. "It was a little different this time though…" She mumbled, trying a smile for herself.

Past Lives || Closed W/ Kristaxlenz


Like per usual, Levi scooted himself away to make room for her. Not really needing to answer her, since she probably knew the answer. “Do you want to tell me about?" he asked, hoping it wasn’t the same dream she always had. It’d be a miracle, to him, if she were to talk about a different dream.

Letting himself get comfortable in his new spot. He waited for her to get comfortable. Getting ready to listen to whatever she wanted to say. 

She climbed under the covers, facing him. “I-I saw them, Levi. The giants, again.” She didn’t know what they were called, whenever they appeared in her dreams they were never named. She just knew they weren’t humans. 

"People died again, it was horrible. My friends.." She sniffed again, trying to hold back her tears.

Past Lives || Closed W/ Kristaxlenz


{ kristaxlenz }

In the early hours of the morning, as a young Levi was sleeping in his bed. Flashbacks came into his head. War images and other things. At the time, he was learning about the wars in school. Although, the images in his head were completely different, but he’d never tell a soul.

Light caught into his eyes, making them open. Seeing a figure standing at his doorway. Already guessing who it was. Rubbing his eyes, he propped himself up off the bed.

 "Another bad dream?

Wiping her nose with her hand and wrist, she made an audible sniff and nodded. “..Yeah..” She took a few steps into his room and closed the door, leaving it slightly ajar. “Can I sleep in here?” 

It was a normal thing for her to come in his room and ask that. Nightmares plagued her mind most nights and she couldn’t stay on her own when they did.


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My Answers:

1. Favorite season?


2. Favorite show at the moment?

ermmm probably… Sleepy Hollow

3. Favorite song?

omg Amaranthine by Amaranthe

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5. favorite game?

The last Story

6. favorite childhood memory?

when my mom came home with my first cat

7. embarrassing moment?

i’m really jumpy, one time in college it went too far…

8. Know any other languages?

I did learn german, french and italian over five years but now i can only count in german :p

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 10. Favorite idol?

Kate beckinsale???

My questions:

  1. Any pets?
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  6. Coke or pepsi?
  7. Last place you visited?
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  9. Best food you have ever had?
  10. Whats your favourite colour to wear?

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and another post where I stave off drawing them as awkward teenage girls I feel like I’m giving them too much credit..

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tbh i got this idea from “don’t just look at his ass, eat it” for some reason….

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do not forget guys, this is canon

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This was just an excuse to draw that silly skirt… and legs, of course.

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When will they be together again what did I do to deserve this

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